FRIENDSHIP – my true fairytale

“Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest… It’s about who came and never left your side…”

With every day and every year that passes by, with every place that we go and with every new job that we have, we end up knowing new people. With some of them we click from the first moment, and some maybe we never click with. But from every experience, we leave with something: either a memory or a friend. Now friends are there for a while, but the best of the best are there forever.

Now with this job that I have I meet new people every day. Some stay as a memory some are still present in my life. In the same time, because of the age, I realized that it’s not that easy like before to make friends that will stick around for more than a season, like fashion. I also hear or live a lot of stories with people that pretend to be your friends but when you need them, they’re just busy. So you end up having friends only when they feel like playing that role.

I can say that I am a lucky one. I can say that I do have real and best friends. Friends that maybe I don’t talk daily with, we don’t hang out anymore, we don’t go out because we are far from each other, or because some of them they have families and kids to raise, they have jobs that take all their time, but still in the moment that we have 5 min to talk, it’s like we didn’t see each other or talked since yesterday. I don’t have many, but the little bunch of them that I called them friends I know they will be there for me no matter what.

Let me tell you where this story comes from. Two days ago I had this flight to Dusseldorf, Germany. One of my crazy best friends since high school really likes to have coffee or drinks in another city than the one he lives in. So, like always, when I have flights around, and he can come, he sure drops everything and comes for a beer or something (PS: you know yourself and I thank you for being my friend). That’s what he did, when I reached there in the hotel he was already waiting for me and with his homework done like where to go, how to go and what to do and see. Went up, took the required shower, changed and started our adventure in the new city. We walked around until our tummies started to fight with us and then we decided to find a restaurant and have some food. In the meantime, another friend that used to live in Dubai and moved there was already on the way to come and meet. After we added him to our group of 2, he took us to a really nice place on the street where we had some hot wine, which is amazing for the cold seasons and especially because it was so cold there and we needed something to warm us up. While we were enjoying the wine and talking and laughing my friend told me that we have to wait another 20 min for some other people. I knew he doesn’t know anyone is Dusseldorf, but I just didn’t think about it when he told me that. After a while, he said he needs to use the washroom so I didn’t pay attention again because there was nothing weird about it. Until I just turned and saw there my best friend from my Uni with another friend of ours (PS: thank you also for being in my life). They just drove 7 hours and 30 min from Munich, just to come and see me for 2 hours and have a hot wine with me!!!!

That was an amazing surprise!!! I just felt LOVE! That’s all that I felt that time!! Happy and Loved!!! Unconditional love!!!

It’s amazing to have real people in your life!!! Real friends that accept you the way you are and that you know for sure that they will be there whenever you need them!!!

I thank you for making me feel loved and important! I thank you for being in my life and putting up with all my craziness, and I have a lot, I cant deny that! I thank you for not letting me go! I thank you for giving me so much without asking anything in return! I thank you for giving me the privilege of writing this story!!!


“The greastest gift of life is friendship, and i have received it.” – Humbert H. Humphrey

PS: I have another few friends that I didn’t forget, I do consider special each and every one of you and maybe at one point each of you will have their story here! Until then, don’t forget that I’m thankful for having you in my life and that I LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY !!!!!


Cheap food for your face

I’m not going to start again because you already know me, I always like to try different and new stuff for me. So I went to visit my friend in Munich and another friend ask me to buy her some stuff so I went to this shop called dm which is really cheap but has a lot of useful stuff. I got a lot of perfumes for me and some Balea masks for my face. I thought that it’s not going to be that nice, considering that is so cheap, but I was so wrong. I just fell in love with it.

22812873_1593977530624611_1154363073_oI bought all these 3 masks that you see it in the picture – melon, mango and pomegranate. All of them are hydration masks that provide a refreshing moisture. And when I say hydration, I mean hydration because this small packages really hydrates your precious skin.

It’s kind of weird when you have to put that piece of material soaked in something on your face. What’s left after you remove it, just massage it until everything goes in your skin and that after-feeling it’s amazing. I feel like my face it’s soo soft and hydrated that I even wanna kiss my cheeks too! 🙂

It’s really easy to use it and the results are super smooth and radiant.

It’s worth it!!!

Try it!!


Paris, mon amour! – First dissapointment

Well, that’s how I started my trips in a row. My first destination was PARIS!! Actually, on my roster, first one was Amsterdam, but they change it to Paris at the last minute. And yes, they can do that, everything is possible! Anyway, Paris it was not that bad because I’ve never been there! So any new place, it’s a nice place! Who doesn’t want to pass by Arc de Triomphe,  have lunch on Champs Elysees,  a walk next to the Louvre and a nice feeling of Parisian love and sophisticated air around of Effile Tower? Yeah, it does sound so exquisite and special, right?! Well, let’s say it was, until one point. Let me get the story from the beginning!

A few of us decided to go see the city, so we called 2 taxis and started our journey to Paris city center. The ride was a little bit longer, but finally, we reached and the taxi dropped us next to the Arc de Triomphe! We took pictures, everyone looking glamorous, or at least that’s what I was seeing. So we started to walk down the street, admiring the architecture, the people looking around, like some drunken 🙂 . We stopped to get something to eat on Champs Elysee – yes, that does sound fancy and the feeling it is, but the actual and real thing is that it’s only famous and expensive! The people have the impression that it’s like this and they send this idea and they share it throughout their pores. So yes, it’s nice and expensive, but it’s worth it for once in a life time!  Then the story goes on. We kept on walking between the houses, that are amazing but to see that you just need to deviate a little from the famous street. So we finally end up at this amazing bridge called Pont Alexandre III, filled with goldish statues, a very nice piece of art I would say. So we enjoy it and kept on walking and finally, we reached the most attractive point in Paris –  Eiffel Tower. And that was the moment of excitement that turned out to be the biggest disappointment ever. I’ve seen so many pictures with a nice place, nice building and views where you can have a nice memory to put it in a frame , but when I reached there, I ended up on side which was looking like a field of grass, with some trash here and there, because there was some sort of holiday and they had a lot of small houses that were selling food and other stuff. The place was good, I like this holidays and all that but I was so disappointed because I didn’t get to see the perfect picture, the one that you want to frame it! And honestly, that was like a dream crusher!!! Anyway, next time when I went to Paris, I saw Notre Dame, the cathedral, on the outside only, then I’ve seen the Louvre Museum, on the outside also and that was the moment when I realised that I need to have a vacation there so I can visit all these places properly, to see all these beautiful “perfect pictures” with my own eyes! And I’ll do that one day! I will! And all this first disappointment will be wiped with a sponge and I’ll stick with the Parisien memories! I feel the pulse of the city, I like it, I just need to touch the specific points so I can live it!!!

So take my experience as an example: DONT GO TO THE OTHER SIDE!!! Look for the “perfect picture” side!! And not only in Paris or any other place but in your life! Do it!

One of the beautiful buildings!

Beautiful Pont Alexander III

My not so nice side of the Eiffel Tower! Still! Now looking back, the feeling of being there for the first time, it’s amazing! 

A Flying Soul!

HIM – the not allowed one

I met you there, in that sunny land with blue water and warm air. I didn’t think you even saw me, but it seems that I was wrong. We were just a bunch of kids hanging around and splashing with water, but between the other people, not between us. You were the only one between us, but you didn’t pay attention to me not even a second! Or maybe I didn’t pay attention to your attention, who knows! And I remember the sun warming me, and the blue water reflecting in the sky like in a mirror like it was only one, water up and down. I was capturing my memories in pictures, in those perfect pictures, by myself, but never with you in it. Because I never thought you even saw me, like I was the only invisible one between those princesses like I was the pumpkin in the Halloween perfect house design. But the time passed and things changed. I became the princess in the middle of the pumpkins! And I was your princess for a time, a short one until you decided to go to that island, the one that is close by but I can’t touch you anymore! Like you would be married and I’ll be here left alone thinking of the spell and of the emotions that you build inside me in such a short time! You are different in my mind, you open my car door, you make me breakfast in the morning, you make me the best smoothie in the world and you make me feel special! Yes, my dream is unreal! I stole a few features from the real world, from the world where I’ll get the best cappuccino and the cutest childish smile! Let’s not forget about the highest feelings, to the sky and back, about the crazy moments walking like a thief on the hallways with my high heels on, about the sweet moments when you were holding me and about the moments that we will still live in the future! In my mind! In my “headbook”!

You are a part of my story now!

You have to get used to it!

I won’t!

What we eat on our flights

Do you ever think about what you eat while you are traveling in an aircraft? Do you ever ask yourself how all that food gets on a small tray in front of you? I never did also, until now that I got to spend a lot of days in different aircraft types and got to taste all the food that’s inside. So because I have now the opportunity to do the Catering Tour, I decided to do it. Before only the seniors were allowed to visit these facilities, but now everyone is encouraged to do so. It’s one thing someone tells you that the food is made like this, but when you see it with your own eyes, is a totally different thing. Now, after this experience, if someone will ask me information about whats on the tray, I have enough things to say.

So I booked my place for next day and at 11.30 I was at the specified place. There were other few people there so we had a short introduction and then we went to the bus that took us to the Catering building. When we reached there we met a very nice man that works there for almost 20 years and he was our host for the day! We went to a very nice room for a small talk and then we had some breakfast. Some healthy carrot juice and orange, fruits and very tasty pastries, so we can start the day with power! The next step was to get our protection clothes, the passes and to pass through security because the company does concentrate a lot on security. Then we started the tour.
There are 2 big buildings and the third coming up soon, because of the big volume of work they need more space. We started to pass through different areas where there were people working or some big machines to move things from one place to another. The operation is so huge and so organized that you can’t believe these people make so many things in one day. Everything is huge in there, starting with the high number of people working. You know how an ant hill looks like when you try to break it?! You know how many ants are there?! Well, it was looking the same in here, which is very nice because this means that Emirates don’t use robots for everything and the company offers opportunities to people to work in a clean and organized environment.
I saw how careful they are with the cleaning and the keeping of the cleaned pieces, which makes me feel better because I always asked myself “are these things cleaned properly?”. Well now I have the answer, YES everything is cleaned, which means no more worries. Then before we passed by the side where they wash and chop the fruits and vegetables we had to clean and disinfect our hands, even if we didn’t touch anything. I was watching these people how quick they were chopping the fruits and vegetables and not in any way you want, but following the standard that the company requires. It’s not like you’re cutting for your own salad at home, they need to cut it in a specific way, which in my mind it just doesn’t work, I can’t do that! Next, we passed by the bakery and that was so unfair because was smelling soooo good and the different type of bread, the sweets and the pastries were looking so good that I wanted to have a bed and sleep there, but that was not possible, obviously! Next stop was where they actually prepare the individual meals and again, is not like they can put it how ever they feel like! Everything has to follow some standards! And one of the important standards is that all the meals in this company are HALAL! There is a specific process for everything! They even check the temperature of the food! Everything is still crazy for me, even now when I’m writing I still think that they excel my expectations. Can you imagine that these people make around 180.000 to 220.000 meals in 24 h?! That’s a huge lot! And there are so many steps and people involved in this. There is another lever there, the butchery but we didn’t go there for some reasons. We continue with how the trays are made and how they end up in the carts in the same state that we receive it in the aircraft. We stopped also in the area where they refill the bars and so I found out that the company spends huge amounts of money for the high-quality products that they provide in first and business class, meaning that if there is luxury then everything should follow. The last step was the place where they load the trucks for the flights. And the Grand Final step was, of course, having a late lunch and then a little meeting with the Chef that decides what we eat for some answers to our curiosities. So like this, I’ve learned that we don’t use too much salt, that we don’t spray the food or the fruits with different weird substances and that actually it’s pretty healthy everything that we have around us, which is a very comforting thing to know.
I’m really happy I decided to do this tour because now I have much more information for myself and for other people that are curious to know. I respect more the people that work here “behind the scene” and I’ll try my best to make their life easier because they really work hard every day!

It was a great experience, I’ve met a few of my colleagues and to make it even better, I’ll show you a picture of the hallway with almost all the flags in the world that I really like it and were, of course, I found also my beloved Romanian flag, even if we don’t fly there, yet I hope! 🙂

A flying soul

How I touched the sky the first time

Hey you beautiful people! Today is a great big fat day for me! As you all know I’m a flight attendant working for one of the biggest airline in the world! Proud to be an Emirates Airline Cabin Crew! And last year, exactly on this day, 18th of August 2016,  I had my FIRST FLIGHT! Yay! It was a short turnaround (these flights that you go and come back in the same day) as a suppy, which means that I get to fly, I have the HUGE opportunity to stay in the cockpit for taking off and landing, which you can’t do in any other situation, and you don’t have to work (that’s the best part 🙂 ). Immediately, after two other days, I had my first layover (those trips that we love, we go in a new city and we have at least 24h, in general, to explore the city). It was supposed to be Amsterdam but for some reasons, they change it and I got to see Paris for the first time! I’ll tell you all about it in another “episode”.

The idea is that 1 year ago I touched the sky for the first time as a Cabin Crew! I never thought I will get to have this job, let alone to actually love it! I’m not a “baby crew” anymore! Today, after 36 countries and 55 cities, I can say I still enjoy every flight like the first time! Wow, I just realized in how many places I’ve been and it’s crazy amazing! This world is mesmerizing, it has so much to offer us that I would need like 126 lives to actually see and feel everything that I want to! Anyway, at the end of the day, I have this huge opportunity to see and touch almost every little piece of earth on the Globe and I get to have an office at 37000 ft, with a great view and with a lot of fluffy clouds to make it even better.
When I’m asked how did I get this job, and I do get this question a lot, I always say that someone up there loves me a lot because I never thought that I will get here. I remember when I was younger and my Mom used to tell me that to be a flight attendant it would be so nice and I always thought that that’s not possible. I was in my country where we don’t have too many airlines and it was really difficult back then. You had to do schools, courses and it was really expensive and even after all this it wasn’t sure that you will be able to fly. But after so many years, exactly 1 month before my 30th birthday, I got this job! I always felt that actually, it was my mom’s dream that she gets to live it throughout me right now. And I feel really good that I can do this for her and for me too!
Yes, I am a lucky one! I know! I’m proud of that!!! Happy Birthday to my first touching of the sky and I wish for another happy year with safe skies and a lot of adventures and new places to tick off my list!!!
I’ll be back with more stories! Stay tuned!!! And don’t you ever think that you won’t be surprised by life!!! There’s always something better right around the corner!!! Just work and fight to reach the corner and have the courage to look around it!!!

A Flying Soul

PS: if you want to see more from my adventures, you can follow me on my Instagram account!

Shopping for my face!

Again I bought something and I am super exited to tell you all about it! As women, we do like to buy a lot of stuffs, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, bags, but mostly shoes! J I am not going to talk about shoes, but I will talk about some really nice products that I tried recently and I just felt in love with it. I just want to share with you my experience and you can decide by yourself. First thing that I want to say is that this company is „Forever against animal testing”, which is a very big fat plus! Now let’s start about two of my newest items from this brand.

1. Youth Liquid Peel – Drops of Youth range from The Body Shop . This smooth liquid exfoliates and gently peels off impurities, removes the dead skin and residuals. With my own words, press the pump two times and just massage your face and then you will just feel like all the dirt from your face crumbles in small pieces of rolls all over your face. You actually feel like a layer of skin goes off and you can feel your face very clean, luminous and smooth. You just need to use it 2-3 times a week for the best results. Honestly, if you want to feel like you’re havng a new face, you really need to try this. I tried other items from other brans, but this is the top one! You really feel is working from the first time you will use it! Don’t be shy!! Just go to the first The Body Shop branch next to you and ask them for a sample or just go ahead and buy it. I assure you that you will fall in love with it, just like I did! Enjoy your New Fresh Smooth Face!

2. Tea Tree Oil – Tea Tree range from The Body Shop . This is a powerfull oil, made of tea tree leaves grown in the foothills of Mount Kenya. It is a really good remedy for blemishes. I guess all of us we are humans before being women or men, because actually this Item can be used by both sexes, and because of that we are not perfect. I think that everyone has to fight with this pimples or blemishes or just areas that are not in perfect conditions. Well this oil helps treat this concernes, only by applying it on the area that bothers you with your fingertips or cotton buds. It’s very easy, but it really works. I am the one who tried it and it does work. It dries the pimples and in two days your skin is perfect and with the other skincare rutine that you have, your skin will be that angel skin that all of us want. Again I’m telling you, try it on! You will not regret it!!!

Now, once I bought this items the girl over there was really nice and gave me 2 samples of body scrub and 2 masks. But I’ll share with you my experience after I will try it on so I can tell you what were the results on my own risk! And in the mean time, I will share other items that I tried and felt in love with it! You’ll see it if you’ll just try it!

Now go make a visit to the closest branch of The Body Shop brand and pamper yourself a little bit!! Give this to your skin!! Your skin deserves it!! You deserve it too!!

Risk it!! On My own risk! 🙂

Changes – Be good to yourself!

„On this day of your life

M*, I believe God wants you to know…

…that you must be good to yourself if you are

ever going to be any good for others.

This means take a day off once in a while

when it’s not scheduled.  Eat a piece of chocolate

when it’s not recommended.  Take a nap

when it’s just not possible.

Get your face into a good book for an hour

when you can’t afford to. Soak in a tub

when there’s no time to. Stop everything

when you’re not supposed to. Do this now,

right now, for goodness sake.”

You know how in a moment in your life you subscribe to a website and you keep on receiving messages? Well, I did subscribe to this site, after I’ve seen the documentary „The Secret” and I end up reading „Conversations With God” – by Neal D. Walsh. He’s the same one that sends to me all this type of messages daily. Sometimes I read them, sometimes I don’t. It depends on my mood in that day. I don’t know if all of you agree with this way of thinking, but is my way, so it’s the best way for me. You don’t have to do what I do, just listen to what I have to say and be free to do everything in your own way.

So as I was saying, I don’t read daily this messages, but this one, today made me realise something and made me want to change my way of thinking on a specific area of my life. That’s the reason for which I even post it in here.

In my daily life I used to live very relaxed and guide myself by some personal ideeas, but in present I kinda forgot how to do that, so I literally forget how to STOP and read a book, or eat that piece of chocolate. I do all that, but I can’t enjoy it like before, because I do it and think at other 10 things in the same time. That’s the way most of us are living, right?

Now i’ll get a little bit more personal. For the people that know me, they know I” a strong woman, but I don’t have that crazy trust in myslef, I underestimate myself all the time. I see myself in a way, but I always think that I’m not good enough. I’m a woman, I’ve been hurt like any other person on this earth, but specially after I moved to Dubai, day by day, I started to trust peple less and less. I realised that I can’t trust people and everytime I meet someone new I think that „neah, it’s not possible, for sure this person wants something from me”. Yeah, I end it up questioning every persons reasons why are they in my life. So, the way that I saw and understood this message that I received today, is that I’M DONE, I don’t want to question my life anymore. I deserve to have honest people around me, I deserve to have people around that are there only because they want to be there, without any other interest and I do deserve a man to like me, just because of ME, the imperfect me! Fair enough I would say, right!?

I guess, I want to say that from today I decided that I will change the corner from where I am viewing my life and the people in it. So, today, just because it’s thuesday, I feel that I want to change something!

I’ll learn how to be good to myself, so I can be of any good for others, because I do like to make people smile and happy!

Changes! Changes on the way!


Happy Birthday to my Flying Soul

Today it’s my Flying Soul Birthday! Today, 19th June 2017,  I turn 1 year since I started to work in Emirates Airline. One year ago today,  I started my super 2 months training, that type of training that you study daily, that you have an exam or a test or some practical thing everyday. That type of training that you study so much that you can sum all of your 8 years of primary, plus another 4 of highschool and at least the 3 from the university! But honestly it was worth it!

Even tho maybe sometimes I don’t agree with some rules, or maybe I don’t like some flights, or I dont want to do some things but at the end of the day, I do like this job. Dispite of all the bad parts (because there are, like in any other jobs), for me there are way more good parts that make me happy to work here and to touch the sky everyday than bad parts. I do love flying and the ideea of being in the clouds every day. Maybe sometimes I have passangers that I want to open the door and just kick them out, but in the same time I might have very nice and funny pasangers, I might have very nice crew to spend my time with and to share my stories, very nice supervisors and pursers (translation for some of you: like the manager of the aircraft). I might just get to know amaizing people that might remain my friends for ever, exactly how I can meet people that we don’t connect and we will not see each other ever in our lifes. It’s a job where I always have new people around and it can be less „likeble”, but the times that I get a friend out of this stories, worth more than the rest of them. One of the examples of a great and amaizing woman that I met is this loveley lady, that she’s caring, she’s funny and sweet, she’s a really kind and good woman and she does represent Emirates in a very great way, her name is Kelsey, and you can find her on her personal blog  or on her Instagram  account. She’s just one of thoese amaizing people that I got to meet, that I got to fly with and that I got to know a little bit and spend some nice time together in a part of the Globe.

So today I say Happy Birthday to myself, to the Emirates Crew and to the Flying Soul that is inside me, because this job it fits me like a glove! I’ll tell you later the story of how I got here!! It’s a funny one!

Now you can find some of my pictures from that time!!


PS: Wish me a Happy Birthday in your thoughts and I am ready to start my second year of adventures!

I just love to be all over the places !



A Flying Soul

LUSH – Magic Body Powder

I’m sure everyone heard about this brand called LUSH – Fresh Handmade Cosmetics . I’ve heard about it a lot and saw it in the malls and enjoying that smell when you pass next to their stores which is so yummy! Anyway, I was in Milan with my collegues and one of them wanted to go in, so we started to try all the things that we could find around. I’ve learn that they also have makeup and some nice lipsticks shades. But all of them were shiny and I like matte ones. You know how is it when you love the shade of the lipstick but it’s so shiny that makes you blind! 🙂 So the girl sold me her tip: this nice Body Powder (from the picture) which, obviously, is for body, but I can use it over all my lipsticks and it will make it matte, smooth and give it a very nice an relaxing smell. She even made a demonstration, so I decided that it would be a great ideea to buy a multiuse item. I came home very exited and tried it a few times. Indeed, it makes the lipsticks matte, long lasting, don’t leave stains and the smell is so relaxing and with the smoothness, it gives a very nice sensation. I also tried it on my body and, litteraly, I wanted to hug myself! 🙂  That smell is amaizing, makes you relaxed and leaves the skin very smooth. And, by the way, I tried it also as a loose powder and it’s great! Acts like a loose powder, fixes the make up, makes it last longer and you also have the relaxing smell and the smoothness. So there you go a 3in1 item which, by the way, comes with that simple bag with that “shocking loudly” message: “FITHING ANIMAL TESTING” which made me feel more comfortable using this product and also a little (secretly) proud of myself for spearing some little souls from the pain.

Now, hope I gave you enough reasons to go and try this Magic 3in1 Body Powder and why not, try also other products and let me know how it worked out!

Hurry up!!! It’s magic!

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